#002 – Soulful Messenger & Energy Uplifter Estelle

Estelle is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher. In the word of spiritual development she is widely known as the ENERGY UPLIFTER, helping hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to Uplift their energy, and raise their vibration and consciousness.

Estelle has trained in a number of holistic therapies and healing modalities, and has a background in teaching, and corporate international training, development and coaching.

She was born in London, UK and now resides on the South East coast with her partner.


When I came across her hugely successful channel on YouTube (click here to visit it now). Her weekly readings resonated deeply with me. She has a unique way of reading the cards and is highly intuitive to the messages she receives.

I know when I was going through lots of personal shifts towards the end of 2018, her weekly readings felt so on point to what was happening within & around me, so I lent into it knowing that big things were happening! I love her vibe and work.

Check Estelle out at the links below:

Click here for Estelle’s Website

Click here for Estelle’s YouTube ChannelC

Click play below, to listen to this conversation now or click one of the links below.

#002 – ‘Energy Uplifter’ Estelle

Click one of the links below to listen now on:





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