#003 – Talking Life & Travels with ‘Wanderlust Sufferers’ The Ungraceful Guide

Exhausted from life’s pressures and not feeling ready to truly ‘adult’ yet, The Ungraceful Guide (a.k.a Katie Hogan & Luke Gibney) took a chance at not growing up by running away from the societal life and all its responsibilities. So they quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and said their goodbyes as they headed for Dublin Airport.


Two years later these ‘self-diagnosed wanderlust sufferers’ are still on the road, more content than ever, learning about the simple pleasures in life and following what the Universe has in store for them!

These two are great fun and we chatted about why they decided to ‘run away’, the realities of travel, what they’ve learnt, who wears the ‘pants’ in their relationship, where they wish to buy a plot of land and that time they lived in a treehouse in the Amazon!

Listen in to their episode now by clicking play below:

#003 – ‘Self-diagnosed Wanderlust Sufferers’ The Ungraceful Guide

Or listen on Spotify, iTunes or Stitcher

For their links, click below:

The Ungraceful Guide Website

The Ungraceful Guide Instagram

The Ungraceful Guide Facebook


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