#006 – Quantum Healing & Consciousness Medicine with Julie Williams

Julie Williams, Scientist & Healer, combines her love for science together with her extensive training in natural and sacred healing arts, for a powerful combination with a heart-based approach.  By working with each body within our matrix, her Consciousness Medicine Work promotes deep and lasting change on all levels of being: physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual.

She developed this work after receiving a University Degree in Biological Sciences working for many years in medical and biotechnology research.  She worked her way up in the business world, eventually reaching the pinnacle of a senior management position running part of a multi-billion dollar business.  This afforded her the luxury of exploring her own spirituality and personal growth through workshops, retreats, and training courses all over the world with many leaders in the field.  Sheโ€™s trained in over twenty different healing modalities including Quantum Healing, Family Constellations, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ), Shamanism, Massage, Yoga, Chakra Healing and Intuitive Arts. She combines her sacred healing arts experience with solid scientific principles to identify the source of the issue and harness the power of consciousness to heal.

Julie currently resides in Greystones, Ireland where she has a 1:1 practice in her Holistic Centre, a home for a dozen therapists to practice together with a heart based community ethos.  Her Retreat Centre offers a full programme of events where she facilitates workshops & trainings for her Family Constellation and Consciousness Medicine work. She also holds retreats in the US, Bali and coming soon to Thailand. Her website is  www.quantum-evolution.com for more information.


What a fascinating conversation I had with Julie. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her journey – how she had achieved ‘success’ in the status and material sense but it didn’t fill her soul. Instead she worked on her own personal and spiritual development and travelled the world studying different healing modalities.

She explains how she made the transition to leave her ‘prestigious’ role and follow her passion. She also shares more about her work and how looking at all of our different energy bodies are vital for healing to occur.

Tune in now by clicking the link below.

#006 – Quantum Healing & Consciousness Medicine with Julie Williams

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Click here for Julie’s website and more information on her work.


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