#007 – Money Mindset with Prudence MoneyPenny Coaching

Prudence Moneypenny is the brand name of Aoife Gaffney who is a behavioural money coach based in Ireland. She leaves in Kildare with her son, her husband, all their clutter (none of it’s hers!) and her random collection of odd socks. She has 2 addictions; decent coffee and superfast broadband. 

She is a member of the Institute of Banking in Ireland, an accredited life coach, author, motivational speaker, parent, and tutor. She has written and co-authored several best selling books that are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle including – Financial Freedom Explained; Clear Your Clutter, Change Your Life; Beginners Guide to Budgeting and Financial Freedom; Essential Student Survival Guide; Money Magic Workbook, along with her co-authored best-sellers We Summit Together and Activate Your Life.

Aoife has worked in financial services for many years as a financial adviser and debt negotiator. She has a wealth of experience empowering women to take control of their financial freedom.  

She draws on her own personal experiences to provide a compassionate, safe, supportive space to encourage her clients to change their potentially limiting beliefs around money. By understanding their current stories, clients learn how they are hardwired around money in ways they are generally not fully conscious of. Money coaching identifies the origins of these patterns of behaviour and demonstrates how to change them for personal growth. 

She coaches individuals, couples and businesses to cultivate a healthy and conscious relationship to money. Her unique approach to all things money is lighthearted, enjoyable and humorous.   

She runs an online money coaching business www.prudencemoneypenny.com and she also teaches with the Educational Training Board in Dublin, Ireland.


This was such an insightful and enjoyable conversation. Aoife shares so much information and tips around money mindset and our beliefs around money. She also has some useful tools to share including a Wealth & Abundance Tracker, a Money Archetype Quiz as well as her own Custom Design Quiz.

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#007 – Money Mindset with Prudence MoneyPenny Coaching

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