#008 – Talking Mind, Body & Soul Connection with Miriam Kerins Hussey, Co-Founder of The Awakening & Soul Space.

This week I’m talking to Miriam Kerins Hussey who is the Co-Founder of The Awakening and Soul Space, The Experience. Miriam is also a qualified pharmacist with huge passion for Integrative Health and Wellbeing. This passion led her to train as an Integrated Health, Wellness and Nutritional coach, focusing on holistic nutrition, mind-body connection and emotional wellness.

Miriam is also a renowned Yoga instructor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, an International Key Note speaker and facilitator both in the corporate work space and with individual clients.

In her business, The Awakening, she is involved in the design and delivery of many executive, corporate and personal wellness retreats, seminars and programmes. She runs Yoga retreats for Mind, Body and Soul, and is an international key note speaker on health and wellness, emotional eating, Awakening Your Inner Pharmacy, stress and more. 

She has also Co- Founded and created the vision for Soul Space, The Experience, an immersive event of workshops, talks and seminars hosted by leading minds in the fields of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Miriam believes that it is the integration and union of cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual health that leads to true health, vitality and wellness. Her collective qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical and complimentary health therapies give her a unique and integrated approach to human health and wellness.

She was recently accredited an All – Star Business Award for Thought Leader in Human Health and Performance.

Check out her website The Awakening here or learn more about the Soul Space event here.


This was such an interesting conversation with Miriam, especially in relation to her experience as a pharmacist and what she saw as a crucial factor that was lacking in relation to how we approach our healthcare. Miriam is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of powerful information to share.

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#008 – Talking Mind, Body & Soul Connection with Miriam Kerins Hussey

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Miriam on IG

The Awakening Website

The Awakening FB page

Soul Space Website

Soul Space on IG

Soul Space on FB


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