#011 – Family Constellations & Entanglements, and How They Can Influence Our Lives with Edel Moylan

This week I was joined by Edel Moylan who has a Masters in Science in Family Therapy since 1993. She trained in the Galway Rape Crisis Centre and also has a Diploma in Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy. She has done over 6 years of training as a Family Systems/Constellations Facilitator.

She has worked for over 25 years in private practice as a Counsellor and has trained in several other healing modalities including Shen, Vortex Healing, Touch for Health, Reiki, Seichem, Transformational Cellular Healing among others.

Her absolute passion is soul work. Her approach is eclectic. She has also trained in meditation and she helps people access their true nature which she says was never or could ever be ‘broken’.


This was a fascinating conversation with Edel. I had the pleasure of signing up for one of her workshops recently and it was incredible and mind blowing to me what showed up in each person’s constellation. It reminded me again how interconnected we all are (no man is an island!), and how our ancestral past can influence our current reality by being caught up in entanglements.

Edel shares many aspects of her own journey and how this work helped her to release her own traumas, which she never realised were carried from generations past! Understanding the entanglements from her own family system ultimately helped her to release and hand back what wasn’t her’s so she could move forward in her own life.

Listen below by pressing play

#011 – Family Constellations & Entanglements, and How They Can Influence Our Lives with Edel Moylan

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