#016 – Moon Magic with Award Winning Astrologer & Moonologer Yasmin Boland

This week I’m joined by Yasmin Boland who is an award-winning astrologer and moonologer, and a best-selling Hay House author of titles including Moonology & Astrology Made Easy.

For nearly 20 years, Yasmin has been teaching people how to set powerful intentions at the time of the New Moon and how to release negativity at the time of the Full Moon. Put it all together and she says you have one heck of a powerful recipe for making your dreams come true.

Working with the moon is more or less about using the magic of the lunar cycle in tandem with the law of attraction. It’s quite possibly a secret missing ingredient in your manifesting and it’s very easy to add to your life! It will connect you to the cosmos and maybe even the Divine. It can make you a conscious creator and an unstoppable force for good.


A great conversation with Yasmin about the power of conscious creation. She gives us a run down of some ‘basics’ in astrology (in inverted commas because there is nothing basic about astrology!). She also explains how she got into this work over 20 years ago and when she tried to shake off her ‘obsession’ for her actual work, something very peculiar and ‘coincidental’ happened.

Yasmin talks us through the 8 different moon phases and what they mean but highlights that even just starting to work with the new moon and full moon, is powerful to consciously create our lives.

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#016 – Moon Magic with Award Winning Astrologer & Moonolger Yasmin Boland

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