#021 – The Power of ‘Chocolate’ with The Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson

This week I’m joined by Keith Wilson aka The Chocolate Shaman.

Keith spent his early adult life as a geologist, cave-exploring adventurer, and inventor.  Over time, his passion shifted to the practical use of medicinal herbs, and he developed skills in many forms of body work. In the 1980’s and 90’s he joined a meditation and channelling group where he honed his skills as a processing intuitive, helping himself and his clients work through their personal issues and blocks.

In 2003, he arrived in Guatemala where he met the Cacao Spirit. She invited him on an adventure to rediscover what ancient Central and South American societies knew and celebrated. Pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao has the power to open the heart, clear the mind, and produce a joyful and gentle euphoria that makes all of life’s spiritual, creative and productive endeavours easier and more fun.  

Keith began experimenting with cacao, hand grinding small batches and sharing it with friends and clients. Their reactions were profoundly positive, and often mingled with disbelief; “Really, what did you put in that drink?” This positive response led Keith to invite people to cacao ceremonies for group processing work. It was during these first ceremonies that he became known as “The Chocolate Shaman.” Soon after Keith built a cacao workshop on his property in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, where his cacao is still made today.

From its spiritual beginnings, Keith is expanding the use of cacao to the creative and business worlds. Demonstrating that pure, ceremonial grade cacao helps everything flow effortlessly, intuitively and enjoyably, whether it be a cacao ceremony, a budget planning session, writing, painting, a sales call, meditation, software development, yoga or a jog in the park.


What a conversation!! This blew my mind on so many levels. Keith talks about his journey with the Cacao Spirit, his inner processing work and messages from higher dimensional beings!

About 43 minutes into the conversation he demonstrates a type of ‘wizard level healing’ that he explains we’re all capable of doing & how this will be the healing of the future. I encourage you to follow along and do the steps involved, it was powerful.

This conversation may be ‘out there’ for some people but just get curious, open your mind and tune in.

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#021 – The Power of ‘Chocolate’ with The Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson

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