#028 – Hope & Inspiration in spite of Tragedy with Martina Crudden

“Be kind to everyone and everything. Live life to the happiest and the most that you can be because we only get one life and it’s time to live it”.

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I’m joined by Martina Crudden who is a loving mother of 6 children, a holistic therapist, spiritual healer, Reiki Master and an NLP Practitioner.

Martina shares her inspirational story of how she came through tragedy and dark days after the loss of her 2 beautiful children Daniel and Jaimelee and suffering illness herself. She has turned her life around, through sheer soul searching and discipline and faith in the knowing that there had to be something more!

In her words, she says,
“I am here to walk with you until you learn to walk by yourself. The power to heal your life is in each and everyone of us”.


People imagine losing a child would be the hardest thing to go through, Martina lost two children, as well as many other people close to her. She also became extremely ill as she refused to deal with her emotional pain and grief. Her story is truly inspiring because in spite of all this, she turned her life around and has extreme joy and gratitude for everything she has gone through as it has helped her realise who she truly is, at a deep soul level. Martina now works to help others going through difficult times, because what she has done for herself, is available to everyone!

Listen and subscribe to the podcast now on iTunes, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher and Castbox, or click play below.

#028 – Hope & Inspiration in spite of Tragedy with Martina Crudden.

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