#029 – Stop, Drop, Roll & Give Thanks Technique

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I share a simple technique to deal with emotions as they arise. I call it the Stop, Drop, Roll & Give Thanks technique. It's simple but we all know simple doesn't mean easy because the hard part is remembering to do it!! Our emotions are our own... Continue Reading →


#010 – The Power of Mindfulness with Anna O’Dixon

Anna is a Teacher of Meditation, Mindfulness & Art. She is also an Artist, Author, Acupuncturist & Quantum Bio-Feedback Practitioner. Married with two teenage children, she joins her husband (Psychotherapist /Farmer) on their Organic Farm for other activities like Tuesday’s Social Farming day (SoFI). Anna likes gardening and helps out with some of the animal... Continue Reading →

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