#014 – Synchronicity & Girl Power with GirlCrew Founder Elva Carri

This week I'm joined by Elva Carri, founder of GirlCrew, a social networking app for women that focuses on meeting up, in groups, offline, for fun, adventures, food, travel, and making new professional contacts. Elva started GirlCrew in 2014 when she found herself with no friends available to go on a night out with her.... Continue Reading →


Healing with Reiki & Seichem

What is Reiki & Seichem? Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) means ‘Universal Energy’, ‘Life Force’, or ‘Vitality’ and transmits the elemental energy of the Earth. Seichem (pronounced Say Keem) transmits the elemental energies of Water (Sophi-El), Fire (Sakara), Air and Spirit (AngelicLight). Seichem Healing Energy is a high vibrational energy that connects Heaven to the Earth.  Joining... Continue Reading →

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