#007 – Money Mindset with Prudence MoneyPenny Coaching

Prudence Moneypenny is the brand name of Aoife Gaffney who is a behavioural money coach based in Ireland. She leaves in Kildare with her son, her husband, all their clutter (none of it's hers!) and her random collection of odd socks. She has 2 addictions; decent coffee and superfast broadband.  She is a member of the... Continue Reading →



Tomorrow I set off on my travels again (19th July) and I feel just like every other time I left for a long trip. I have this sense of quiet contemplation. I go inwards and quietly reflect on the trip ahead and linger on the thought of it. This usually results in a feeling of... Continue Reading →

National Workplace Wellbeing Day

31st March 2017 was National Workplace Wellbeing Day in Ireland. It is the third year the initiative is taking place with more and more companies getting involved each year. This is an amazing and positive initiative for Irish companies and the aim is to improve employee wellbeing through promoting better exercise and nutrition through the... Continue Reading →

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